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Contained in news item97 created and designed by Invisible Blue
Feb 2014
High Society: an art deco bar at Kent House Knightsbridge
To celebrate the successful 10 year partnership between Kent House Knightsbridge and Evolve Events, friends and associates were treated to a decadent night at the venue, with drinks served from our new bar.

Evolve Events invited a select group to attend this lavish celebration which also marked the launch of the Summer and Christmas 2014 package, ‘High Society’. Taking it’s style from the classic 1956 Hollywood film of the same name, a musical comedy starring Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly, the venue has been styled with the elegance and grandeur of the stately featured in the film.

Our bar and back-bar, designed specifically for the event, proved to be a real centre-piece. We adorned it with ornate white cornices, panels and elegant flourishes which were set against a duck egg blue background, an oval mirror and glass chandelier to give the room an intimate, stately feel.

Here’s to another successful 10 years working together. Click here to read more about the spectacular Christmas and Summer Packages at Kent House Knightsbridge.

Contained in news item97 created and designed by Invisible Blue

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