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1000 Kisses At Borough Market by Invisible Blue
Dec 2014
Christmas at Borough Market
Christmas at Borough Market is always an extra special time as stalls are piled high with seasonal produce to tempt shoppers. This year to mark Borough Market’s 1,000th Christmas in Southwark, they are attempting to achieve 1,000 simultaneous kisses underneath a ceiling of individually tied bunches of mistletoe.

We were asked by Teatime Production to help create the mistletoe ceiling and enhance the Christmas atmosphere by decking the arches with beautiful festive decorations and creating a breath-taking Christmas display.

1000 Kisses At Borough Market by Invisible Blue
In the market, shoppers will be encouraged to get in the mood by sharing their Christmas kisses underneath the mistletoe - a simple kiss on the cheek will do! The idea behind the event is that by puckering up, enough energy will be created to connect the Christmas lights - and at the same time set a new world record.

Our installation also features over 1,000 red ribbons, 40 giant baubles and 30 sets of lights. To ensure everything was in place we worked over night, sending our team up into the rafters on two cherry pickers to attach the wires that would hold the decorations. It’s pretty chilly up there at 2am in the morning!

1000 Kisses At Borough Market by Invisible Blue
You can find out more about this event, which was held on Tuesday 16th December at 12.30pm, by following the hashtag #BM1000kisses and you might also enjoy these films Borough Market made showing the how the Christmas display was created along with the attempt for the Guiness Book of Records. If you pay attention to the first film you can even spot Jill and Richard at the beginning!

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