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Events at Natural History Musuem
Mar 2015
A night at the museum; a stunning event set up by Wise Productions at the Natural History Museum.
Last month we were thrilled when our sister company IVB Direct was asked by our friends at Wise Productions to supply furniture and bars for an event at the Natural History Museum.

Fabulous bespoke bars and food stations with fretwork fascia backed in mirror gave a stylish look which was complemented with simple white furniture which included our Mila stools, bench poser tables and popular ottoman ranges.

The combination of this stunning venue, sensitive and beautiful lighting from the Wise Guys, gorgeous food from "rhubarb" and our very own furniture made for a spectacular result.

We'd like to thank Wise Productions for asking IVB Direct to be part of this event and also for generously allowing us use of their images.

Events at Natural History Museum
Events at Natural History Museum
Events at Natural History Museum
Events at Natural History Museum

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