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Erdem AW15 London Fashion Week
Feb 2015
London Fashion Week; The Shows That Mattered
With hundreds of shows running during London Fashion Week it’s hard to create an impact and stand out in the media buzz so we were delighted when two of the shows we worked on with Family Events were included by The Guardian in their article ‘The Eight Shows That Mattered’.
Top Shop London Fashion Week
Whilst the Topshop show was praised for the collection it was the review of Erdem as being ‘the week’s greatest stage set’ that really got us smiling.
Contained in blog item116 created and designed by Invisible Blue
Erdem took his influence for the fashion show from ‘The Collector’; an installation at Frieze arts show that recreated a late-1960's Paris apartment of an art collector. This was the stand-out piece at Frieze Masters last year as it took a new approach of lifestyle merchandising for selling art. Behind a pile of dirty teacups in the sink sat a painting by Pablo Picasso, while a piece by Alberto Giacometti was propped up beside the bedside table. Erdem was so inspired by this piece that he asked the designer, Robin Brown, to produce a narrative set for his AW15 show that created a character around an environment.
Contained in blog item116 created and designed by Invisible Blue
For Erdem’s show we worked under the guidance of Robin Brown and Family Events to create a 1950s home; building the walls, adding doors and trims and flocked wall paper, whilst Robin’s team aged and dressed the set which recreated a living room filled with typewriters, houseplants and discarded magazines. The show was held in The Old Selfridges Hotel, a huge industrial space directly above Selfridges and now only used for one-off events and art installations. The team worked on the build for seven days getting every detail right. The lived-in feel was created with furnishings including cut-glass crystal strewn about, unpacked suitcases and cans of hairspray and provided the environment to exploring a character by not only her clothes but the place they live in.

The shows got great reviews across the press, including 'Erdem easily won the award for most-oohed-over show' by The Telegraph as well as an article about the show in Wallpaper magazine who included a great behind-the-scenes video of the set build which you can view here. And if you're more interested in the clothes (which were of course stunning) you can see the video of the show below:

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