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Hanging fruit with Joanna Lumley
Jan 2015
Joanna Lumley eats The Rainbow.
January can be a grey and gloomy month so we were delighted when our friends at Teatime Production got in touch and invited us to help them create a colourful installation for consumer PR agency Unity, on behalf of Marks and Spencer.

M&S wanted to create a ‘rainbow’ of fruit at Westfield Shopping centre which would be unveiled by Joanna Lumley as part of their ongoing campaign to encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables.

The rainbow was made from over 1,000 pieces of fruit and vegetables. From mangos and red onions, to aubergines and even sweet potatoes, it included 20 varieties of produce; each one of which had to be individually sewn onto a fine wire and arranged to create an impressive hanging installation.

The installation stayed in situ for the weekend whilst the team at Teatime Production dispensed delicious juice samples, recipes and information on M&S's vast range of free healthy eating resources.

What a great way to beat those January blues!

M&S Eat The Rainbow Installation
Joanna Lumley M&S Eat The Rainbow

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