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RSVP Exhibition Trade Show
Sep 2011
It's time to take a stand
Having had years of practise at making exhibition stands for others, it was great to finally have one ourselves at RSVP recently.

With so many stands trying to catch the eye, it presents a challenge to produce something that stands out from the rest. You could go all bells and whistles, but we decided to let the products do the talking and created something understated, yet bold and stylish.

We met some really nice people, one of which won lunch at the 40/30 restaurant (sorry if it wasn’t you), had some great feedback, made some good contacts, and had two enjoyable and productive days. But we’ll be glad not to see another belly dancer or Sven-alike for a while yet.

Exhibiton stand created and designed by Invisible Blue
RSVP exhibition stand created and designed by Invisible Blue

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