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Jan 2015
A priviledge to Prive once again
With it’s vintage & luxury cars and the mingling of the rich & famous, Salon Prive is one classy event. So what are we doing there?

Well, it’s our good fortune (and hard work of course) that has given us the opportunity to work on this event for three of it’s five year history. And being preferred suppliers to Hurlingham Club means that we know this lovely venue pretty well by now.

We can’t really compete with the eye-catching cars on show, so we lent it a subtle and tasteful touch. The stage was embellished with a 16’ high cut out, mirror Salon Prive logo which neatly hugged the central projection screen and glinted in the room’s creative, colourful lighting. After-dinner chillout areas zones were created with chic furniture and floating colour changing globes to create an ambient atmosphere. We doubt any of them drove their expensive cars home afterwards.

Salon Prive
Salon Prive

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