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Chillisauce launch of Hyundai’s ix35
Mar 2011
And the winner is....
Not us, but our esteemed friends over at Chillisauce, who won Creative Event of the Year for the launch of Hyundai’s ix35. But we did play a supporting role.

We were approached by Chillisauce to help transform a Travelodge into a boutique hotel, appropriately themed to launch the new car, hold a dinner and accommodate the automobile loving press. This included building giant Hyundai logo lanterns, inspired lighting to various rooms, providing furniture and transforming each bedroom with tasteful furnishings and bespoke wall graphics.

So, a round of applause for Chillisauce! We look forward to a teary acceptance speech.

Chillisauce launch of Hyundai’s ix35
Chillisauce launch of Hyundai’s ix35

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