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For some years now our small team of lighting designers and lighting production managers have brought a vast array of events to life.

Working in tandem with our Project Managers and our clients we set out to compliment and enhance the venue, the design and to achieve the right ambience for the event.

We began by using simple uplighting, with par cans, and downlighting with birdies and pinspots. Complimentary items, such as haze and smoke machines, added a totally new dynamism to each styling.

As technology evolved, so did we. Intelligent lights allowed us to create exciting and vibrant environments, whilst LED technology brought a whole new aspect to our designs. Wireless control and battery uplighting became a revelation and we invested heavily in both these technologies, meaning greater safetly and, of course, less cables.

There are some things that haven’t changed however, and that is our ethos: To achieve what is right for the event and our clients, to keep afresh with new technology, to fulfill our creative potential, and to enjoy ourselves.

Elle Brannon interior dance floor lighting
Elle Brannon Wedding exterior lighting

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Invisible Blue Direct is our little sister company who you can order our furniture and props from separately.

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