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Luxury wedding in Santorini designed by Invisible Blue
Nov 2014
A wonderful wedding in Santorini
Last month we were asked by party planning company, Snapdragon | London, to fly out to Santorini to help them provide the set design, styling and lighting at a sensational wedding. Santorini is such a romantic location to get married in, with dizzy views out over the blue Aegean sea and some of the best sunsets in the world. The wedding was held outside, to highlight the beauty of Santorini and in particular its unique volcanic landscape which made for a spectacular backdrop to the day.
Set build by Invisible Blue for a glamorous wedding in Santorini
Our brief was to create a wedding setting and bring an intimacy and warmth to this large outdoor space. For the amount of kit required we had three artic trucks to transport everything. Our drivers left London on the 16th September and it took them five days before they arrived on the island on the 21st. As the scope of the job was so varied and complex in it's scale we had twenty four different crew members on site including set builders, dressers, lighting technicians, riggers and a stretch tent specialist.

We had a six day build period which during which we experienced unseasonal storms and high winds. The weather proved to be an unexpected challenge as we worked in stifling heat and then rushed to cover everything during the dramatic rains that also fell. As is always the way of things in the event industry we were working to tight deadlines so the crew were also wrapped in plastic sheets so they could continue to work. Oh the glamour!

Dealing with the real at Santorini wedding by Invisible Blue
We created different areas within the cliffs including spaces for the wedding breakfast, a stage for entertainment, a dancefloor and lounge areas to relax. Two bars were built; the main centerpiece bar was a large square bar with a decorative finish, filled with a tall centre piece with baskets containing masses of white flowers.
Building a bar for wedding flower display in Santorini
Amazing bar with stunning flower display in Santorini wedding by Invisible Blue
A circular brushed aluminium dancefloor was built, along with a huge stage with a truss surround and a stretched canopy awning for the entertainment and compulsory Greek dancing. The surrounding cliffs were lit up with a range of lighting effects.

Arches around the dining tables were created for florist Wild At Heart to create a stunning floral backdrop for the wedding breakfast.

We also installed a luxurious chill out lounge area for guests to take a moment to gather their breadth from all the excitement which included some traditional Greek plate smashing on a pretty impressive scale.

Circular dancefloor at Santorini wedding by Invisible Blue
Decorative lighting lit up the different areas throughout the wedding including the sides of the cliffs and the evening ended with a spectacular firework display.
Firework display at Santorini wedding
The wedding was a wonderful event and one of the joys of it was working together as part of the team put together by Snapdragon | London, which also included some of our favourite event people; Rhubarb Food and Wild At Heart.
Wedding breakfast at Santorini wedding designed by Invisible Blue

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