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VE Day Themed Gala Dinner Leadenhall Market
Jul 2015
A party to remember | VE Day Themed Gala Dinner
This year saw the 70th anniversary of VE Day, marking the end of the Second World War, and remembrances and celebrations were held across the country to mark the day.

To help commemorate the occasion, the team behind the 2015 Leadenhall Ball decided to use VE Day as a theme for their bi-annual fund raiser. We were asked by Ball Associates to work with them to capture the sense of celebration that occurred in 1945.

VE Day Themed Gala Dinner Leadenhall Market
The wartime themed gala evening ball was held at the wonderfully historic Leadenhall Market in the heart of the City of London. Dating back to the 1300s, this is one of the oldest markets in London and its stunning Victorian architecture, cobbled walkways and painted ceiling makes a perfect backdrop for events.
VE Day Themed Gala Dinner Leadenhall Market
We wanted to take guests on a journey through time and recreate some of the atmosphere at the end of the war. At the entrance we transported guests back to the reality of living in London during the war by building an air-raid shelter, complete with camouflage netting that stretched out into the street, and surrounded it with panels of scenic brickwork. Our round bar, made in corrugated iron, was also situated here from which reception drinks were served.
VE Day Themed Gala Dinner Leadenhall Market
As guests moved through to dinner the mood was lifted into one of celebration as we constructed a victorious street party. Overhead, bunting was strung across the street, along with huge flags and balloons to create a party feel. All the tables had a nostalgic 1940s feel and were dressed with vintage style china and battery powered lamps.
VE Day Themed Gala Dinner Leadenhall Market
The event space was designed by erecting scaffolding which screened the area, and dressing it with backlit views of the London skyline which were highlighted by search lights scanning the sky from lighting rigs. The atmosphere was further enhanced with one of the most evocative sounds of the Second World War; the deep rumbling from the engine of a Spitfire plane, replicas of which were hung in formation across the ceiling.
VE Day Themed Gala Dinner Leadenhall Market

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