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Romantic marquee wedding
Jul 2012
Elle's Decoration
The marriage of Elle and Michael took us out of London and into the beautiful Norfolk countryside. The surroundings played a key role in our design, allowing us to keep things simple, elegant and very, very romantic.

Set in the middle of a Norfolk field, this was a wedding which had a very rural, sylvan heart. A transparent structure, supplied by Berry Marquees, brought the blue sky, clouds, wild grasses and trees into our chic, stylish interior.

Apart from being a colour befitting for a wedding, the white scheme allowed the natural, subtle colours from outside to stand out, but also enabled us to completely change the atmosphere with our lighting when the sun went down. So, delicate and romantic became vibrant and dramatic; illuminating the dancefloor, stage, the exterior of the marquee and surroundings. Our elegant arches on the exterior walls framed the contrasting, changing light when looking inside as well as out.

In the marquee, we created three separate areas for the dinner, bar / lounge and nightclub, all draped elegantly in white voile. The guests dined at our specially crafted laminated long tables, took drinks at our mirrored shard bar and relaxed on our chic seating areas.

Romantic wedding marqee
Romantic marqee wedding
Romantic wedding with white drapes and metallic circular bar
Dramatic purple lighting on wedding marquee

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