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We’ve been designing and making events for the past 10 years now, so we decided to treat ourselves to a new website. We hope you like it.
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Van Gaal flower display created and designed by Invisible Blue
To welcome Manchester United’s new manager Louis Van Gaal to the city, Teatime Productions commisioned us to design and create a huge floral portrait for William Hill.
12’000 red, pink, purple and white tulips were shipped over especially from Van Gaal's native Holland; each arranged by our team to build a 18’ x 12’ composite of the Dutchman. The mural could be seen at the National Football Museum in Manchester. To watch a time-lapse video of us creating the display, click here.
Van Gaal floral display designed by Invisible Blue
Van Gaal Floral display created and designed by Invisible Blue
Van Gaal floral display created and designed by Invisible Blue
Main Image; Applying the finishing touches to the mural. Clockwise above left; 2’ Squares were built up and pieced together; Outside the National Football Museum; Ta daaa! The finished portrait.
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